October 25th, 2001



today i will get to drive. i don't get to do this much where i live since i have no car although the housemate lends me hers just about whenever i need it but i don't ask her for it very often. today i get to drive. this might not seem so exciting given that i get to drive a 1990 dodge caravan (cargo version. no mommyvan for us!) but i like driving so much that getting to drive just about anything makes a Good Day.

i am not sure where i will go. i pick up the car from lisagail in a little while then drive to meet a friend and then i have nothing to do and nowhere to go for a few hours. when i am here i like to drive up and down the hwy 99 viaduct between downtown and the waterfront as everytime i make it through the double decker part and there's no earthquake and it doesn't collapse i feel like i have cheated death.

anyway i am up early precisely to drive. well really it is because i am meeting my friend at noon which ordinarily is about the time i get up but i am up early in any case and it feels weird.
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good grief

ok most of you have probably already seen this but good lord. why don't we just bomb anyone that has done anything we didn't like in the last ten years for good measure?

Thursday October 25 10:54 AM ET
POLL: Most Americans Want U.S. to Go After Saddam Hussein
By Alan Elsner, National Correspondent

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Almost three quarters of Americans would like to see the United States expand its war on terrorism and go after Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein (news - web sites), according to a Reuters/Zogby poll released on Thursday.

The poll of 1,023 registered voters conducted Tuesday and Wednesday found that 56 percent of respondents strongly supported attacking the Iraqi leader and 18 percent somewhat favored such an attack. Twenty two percent disagreed and the rest were unsure. The poll carried a margin of error of plus or minus 3.2 percentage points. . . .

But the administration has yet to publicly present any evidence linking Saddam to the attack.
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