November 23rd, 2001



breaking tackles while trying not to rip my pajamas was my favorite part of thanksgiving. that and eating some really hellacious mashed potatoes. such a simple dish packed with so much satisfaction.

singing the dreydle song to accordion accompaniment and then hotel california to guitar was also delightful. oh and walk on the wild side. traditional holiday fare.

there was also a spontaneous puppet show.

lingerie thanksgiving rocks.
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quarterly report

my desk is still relatively clean although the books are beginning to congregate. my pens and pencils are actually in a pen and pencil cup which used to be a coffee cup but it got dropped so it has cracks in it that coffee might seep out of were i to put coffee in it. i'm actually keeping up with my mail. well that doesn't count the pile of it that is still unsorted and unopened on the livingroom credenza. we have a credenza. don't you wish you had one.

among the books on my desk are neuromancer and a copy of proust's sodom and gomorrah en français so really it is sodome et gomorrhe and it is over 500 pages of small print in a foreign language and i bought it in a burst of ambition which unfortunately outstrips my actual ability to differentiate between all those que's and celui's. although really the celui's don't give me that many problems. it's the que's which sometimes occur in the most incomprehensible places. this is especially pertinent as proust will string together about a hundred subordinate clauses all connected with que's to make up a single sentence. i have a hard enough time following him in translation. what was i thinking?
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for some reason i am thinking of going shopping. it's not like there is anything i want to buy for anyone else or myself although i could at least pick out some seasonally-appropriate cards i suppose. i think maybe i find the idea of being amongst a frenzied mob attractive which might seem strange given my militant introversion but as long as i don't have to talk to them i often enjoy being around large groups of strangers.

and it is chilly and grey outside which is of course to my way of thinking perfect weather for being out and about.

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meanwhile i wonder how lisagail's oregon vacation is going. i am hoping that it is a good sign that she hasn't yet made it to a public library for net access.
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