November 24th, 2001



i should be studying. well that is earlier i should have been studying as it is late enough now for studying to be over but in any case studying should have been done but instead i have a new index page. ok i did study german earlier today and my german exam is on monday and i seemed to have handled kafka ok here at home so i think i will have nothing to worry about on the exam but there are other things i could have done in addition to studying german but i didn't.

one must ease oneself out of holidays and back into work i find. and besides it is saturday night. nevermind that we had three saturdays this week. if this were any other saturday night i would be saying to myself hey relax take a load off and have a beer but as is i have relaxed taken a load off and had beer three nights in a row now and it feels all decadent.

i should have my superego replaced. it never lets me go on a binge. well that is not quite true. it lets me go on binges but chastises me all the while which makes said binges not nearly so fun.

someone give me permission to loaf!
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