January 3rd, 2002


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waiting for the train is like waiting for christmas. always i am anxious that it will never get here and always i am anxious that i might miss it and usually i am anxious that i will have an obnoxious seatmate but this time i am taking a sleeper both ways so now i am anxious that the train will be really late and i will look silly for paying for a sleeper in which i will only spend one half of one night.

once i am on the train i will relax which is why i take trains instead of planes because the moment i board a plane the panic begins to increase exponentially. really i think that being hurtled through the air at hundreds of miles an hour and 30,000 feet above the ground should be accompanied by constant screaming from all of those involved. it seems the only reasonable response.

ah waiting for the train.
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    the cure - pornography. how i've missed this album!