January 17th, 2002


bubble bath

hi honey i'm home.

i have absolutely nothing to say but that might have something to do with getting up before dawn about 20 miles north of roseville ca. i wish i were still on the train. i wish there were a train that circled the continent endlessly and i could get on it for a month if i wanted to. the only problem with the train is that it doesn't have my shower on it. there is a shower for sleeping car passengers but it is not my shower and you know how you always feel uneasy taking all your clothes off to stand in a shower that is not yours. it stands to reason i suppose that instincts would bridle at being so exposed in an unfamiliar place. the first thing i did upon arriving home was to take a shower in the comfort of my own bathroom and even though our water pressure is pathetic i was ever so glad to be showering in my shower.

i don't even like to brush my teeth in a strange bathroom. i mean who wants to run their toothbrush under a faucet where god knows who has just been washing god knows what.

if i could somehow merge my bathroom with the train it would be heaven on earth.
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