January 26th, 2002


snake. tail.

my last post has landed me in a couple of arguments (and i mean that in a nice way) that i have stopped dead in and for some reason i have been unable to turn away and write about something else. it isn't that i don't have anything to say but that the original impetus for the argument i wrote wasn't really an urge to argue but a need to externalize the tiltywhirl of my own argumentative compulsions and so getting drawn into extended discussions is somewhat counter to that purpose.

i mean sometimes i am in the mood for it. just not right now but there is a large part of me that feels obligated to engage in discussion when proferred and somewhat desperately obligated to defend my positions and so if i don't i can't seem to move on because the very compulsions i am trying to exorcise start up with their little needling points about how if i can't argue it well i must be wrong and if i don't try to argue it well that is a sign that i must know really deep down that i am wrong and They are right.

to this i only answer with my own argument that argument itself is only argument and having a plausible argument only means that you have a plausible argument and not that heaven and hell are riding on its being right. because every position i have ever taken has been assailable and any position They have ever taken has been assailable and we assail each other endlessly and get nowhere except screwed down tightly in the little hole in the ground we make when we go round and round.

i recognize the irony by the way inherent in having an argument about the fallibility of argument.
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i am trying to lure the cats into my room by running the space heater. c and i have a little rivalry going as to whose room the cats sleep in and they both slept in her room last night so i think it is my turn. the warmer it is in here the more likely they are to gravitate towards me.

soon i will have to remove my sweater.
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