March 16th, 2002



to slake.
to sulk.
to lack.
to reckon.

to caress.
to rescue.
to curse.
to scream.

to sup.
to press.
to spray.
to rasp.
to spur.

i could go on.

the chase

i feel like going out and looking for something but i don't really want anything except a chameleons cd with second skin on it and i don't want to have to pay $25 because of the stupid fucking tariffs on imported music. whose idea was that anyway?

but a single cd doesn't seem like enough to warrant a trip to amoeba especially knowing that at least 500 of my closest friends will be gathered there because it is saturday and the weather's nice.

i could go for a busride to the beach where it will be cold and windy. there needs to be a bus that goes on a 50 mile loop through the city without the route actually ending anywhere so you could get on it and ride around looking at things for as long as you wanted.

have i ever mentioned that i like riding around?

you can do a loop by taking several buses of course but that entails standing and waiting in cold and windy places and whereas i do like walking through cold and windy places i don't really like standing and waiting in them.

a flea market. there must be a flea market somewhere.
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the pointlessness of it all

so if i spend the whole evening wandering around on the web looking for images to steal for my user pic it won't mean that i am doomed to waste the rest of my life in meaningless pursuits does it?

and why should i be worried about that anyway. as though life weren't a meaningless pursuit.

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the newest snow patrol which isn't all that new as it says 2001 on it and be dog if 2001 isn't fast becoming ancient history but anyway the newest snow patrol is good enough not to feel like it is only a guilty pleasure.
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    snow patrol - when it's all over we still have to clear up