March 25th, 2002


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my vacation is almost over and i feel like i have hardly been here. i haven't even gone to the greenwood fred meyer yet. when lisagail returns from the gym i am going to campaign for a drive around town.

first though we have to do the dishes. saturday night's mess is still in there waiting to be dealt with and the idea of facing it alone is just too daunting. i am however supposed to put my hand down the disposal and see if i can find the little piece of metal we suspect has fallen into it and is now making a horrific noise when we turn it on.

this is the disposal that used to turn itself on randomly and without warning. i think they fixed it some time ago. i hope so.
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mr clean

the water pressure in this house is amazing. it takes about a second and a half to blast all the shampoo out of your hair. and you don't need to exfoliate either.

in many ways i will be sorry to go back.
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