April 12th, 2002



should i give myself time to recover from yesterday's stupidity day without jumping too quickly back into ego-bruising texts or should i get back up on the horse and open the levinas again? there is so much to read i shouldn't feel guilty for whichever choice i make but if i don't choose the most difficult i will somehow feel that i am slacking off.

i wonder if i could deal with saussure this morning.

last night i got lost in a planned community in the mountains after taking a road named sils-maria. it was summer but someone turned on the snow so the hostess offered us lodging in an unoccupied home and was going to send out a flunky for pizza and boots. sils-maria interestingly enough had led us 3000 miles away from my childhood home and brought us to san francisco.

i guess you can't go home again but i sure wish i knew why my unconscious wanted to.
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sleep is the breakfast of champions.
buy my buddies here a round of sleep.
make sleep while the sun shines.
we are the sleep of the earth.
i pledge allegiance to sleep.
go sleep young man.
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