April 30th, 2002

mutts shadow

it occurs to me!

i was trying to steal up on sleep but i gave myself away and it fled. the problem is that although i can't make sense of anything i am thinking i am thinking in little spastic bursts that follow one another so closely i can't insert any relaxation between them to tone them down. it goes like this:

alterity! language! repetition! obsession! free money! chicago! seattle! trains! cliffs! eagles! exams! subjectivity! alterity! language! others! exposure! passivity! potentiality! activity! eventuality! landscape! the west! mountains! forests! cougars! death! stein! beckett! sense! nonsense! laughter! speech! tendencies! heaven! hell! rhythm! obsession! language! alterity! god! immanence! emergent properties! leading ideas! questions! repetition! obsession!

and so on and so forth repeating and not repeating.

must find 'off' switch.
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    nick cave - mercy seat