May 3rd, 2002

mutts earl

sloth begets..

i really want to take today off too. every one else gets two days off in a row.

if i did take today off i'd have to do laundry. i mean i could wait until next week since i own about a million pairs of underwear but really my sock bin is down to the dregs and i've run out of clean tshirts.

what else could i do if i took the day off. it is walk day so no matter what i am doing at 5pm or so i must break it off and go off on my five mile loop. then i can come back and do something else.

i could make it a non-theory day and just read poetry and fiction. but that leaves the laundry question hanging.

hmm. i could do the laundry and go for the walk and then read a western this evening if i am feeling overly guilty.

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