May 5th, 2002

mutts earl


housemate sandy is going through all her newspaper clippings in the livingroom. man she has a lot of newspaper clippings! i wonder what she keeps them for? of course right next to her are my stacks and stacks of 80s music magazines..

i have actually thought about emptying the magazine rack and recycling all but a few magazines. must save articles about the now explosion for instance but i think all those back issues of maximumrocknroll can go.

but not today. today there are other things i must do.
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getting it all on paper

in dire fear of losing anything that might be of value i have developed an obsession for writing down every little thought that ventures to articulate itself even if that articulation is partial and unintelligible.

as a result i have about twenty text files and innumerable slips of paper which when the time comes i think i should just bind together with a rubber band and turn in as my written exams. after all one of the things i am investigating is the constitutive perversity of all phenomena so it only seems logical that i should hand in fragmentary and decentered work. don't you think?
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lift off

great. all fucking day i could barely think and now when i should be eating dinner and settling down to sunday night tv i suddenly find myself engulfed in a swirly maze of half-intelligible thoughts each begging for full articulation.

tomorrow, you guys! wait till tomorrow!
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