June 20th, 2002



up for two hours in the middle of the night nursing my sore broken tooth. this won't do. i have done my best to ignore it, giving it a chance to go away, but it doesn't seem to want to. unfortunately i have no dental insurance until aug 15. i wonder how much ibuprofen it would take to ward off further pain for that long? and would the bacteria end up eating a hole in my jaw? should i try to find charity dental care next week? or should i surrender the remaining credit on my visa and see someone who wants real money?

what about Aleve? is it stronger than Advil?
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Lyn passed me!

(that's 33.3% of the votes i need to pass the whole written exam. Lyn is my american lit prof and it was her end of the essay i was most unsatisfied with so maybe this means the other two will like theirs just fine. woohoo!)
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