June 24th, 2002


dentistry bulletin

it hurt like an expletive deleted! the novocain worked wonders on my tongue but not so much on the nerve in my tooth. so i was initiated into the miracle of deep pain. finally he injected anesthetic directly into the exposed pulp of my tooth and that hurt like another vehemently spat expletive deleted and then everything was better.

until he drilled a little deeper. but by that time he was almost done and we were all tired so i just closed my eyes and rode the wave and wouldn't you know i started almost to enjoy it. maybe i could feel the endorphins rising in my bloodstream but at some point i noticed i was leaning into it instead of away from it and detachedly wondering how much more i could stand.

in the lobby was a large case with an 1800s dental suite on display. i think they put it there as a subtle reminder that things could hurt worse.

anyway the deal is i have to go get a root canal soon. in the meantime a temporary cap is keeping things in order.
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