July 8th, 2002

nancy fight

killing me softly

it is almost noon on monday and we still don't know when my exams will be. so far tomorrow morning is out as one of my committee members can't make it but otherwise they could happen anytime between tomorrow afternoon and next monday.

this is so stupid!!
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nancy fight

oh for crying out loud!

ok so now my exams are tomorrow morning which is a little sucky since i had adjusted myself to their not being tomorrow morning and was conserving my energy towards an unknown date and time. how the hell was i supposed to modulate myself to peak at a certain hour when they left me in suspense as to when exactly it would be for so long?

cheezus h fscking cricket.

see i had budgeted the whole day for panicking but when i heard that r couldn't make it tomorrow morning i turned panic mode off and now that i just found out that r adjusted her schedule especially for me i have to get back into the spirit of panicking again only i have fewer hours in which to do so so now i feel like i must panic extra because time is running very short.

oh dear oh dear oh dear oh dear.
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