August 10th, 2002

mutts earl

coffee speaking

would i have a better time seeing a movie or doing hard drive maintenance? going shopping or going for a walk? browsing online computer stores or planning a trip? scavenging metal objects or cleaning my desk? wandering the streets with a camera or watching cartoons? listening to music or watching baseball on tv?
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nancy fight


i'm beginning to find it alarming the extent to which we are encouraged to consume.

ok i'm 40 and just now noticing this but i went to run the updater for OS 9.2.1 and got the message that the installer could not run on my computer. i have tried turning all but the most essential extensions off and rebooting from the cd but nothing helps. it may be that i am stuck in OS 9.1 forever or at least until next year when i anticipate being able to buy an ibook but damn! my computer is only (only!) six years old and runs reliably but if i want to keep up with technology i am expected to trash it and buy something completely new which will then become obsolete just as rapidly as this one did leading me to believe that i must buy yet another and throw yet another away and i'm sorry but this is just appalling.

this machine shows no signs of wearing out. i love it unconditionally. my hard drive has never failed. my cd-rom drive reads discs just fine and was considered as fast as they come six years ago. i bought a zip drive fairly early on and it works as well as it always did but now of course cd-rw drives are all the rage and ballooning file sizes mean not that much fits on a zip disk anymore. last year i upgraded my cpu and my hard disk and put in a video card and the whole thing ended up faster than the imac at school which was gratifying but why the hell can't i update the system software??

i know if i call apple they will say that my hardware is not supported and that if i want to run 9.2 or heaven forbid OS X i will have to put out for a new machine made entirely by and profiting only them.

it may be that i just need to ignore computer fashion. but it is galling the extent to which manufacturers couldn't care less about those who can't afford the completely new or are unwilling to discard the not very old.
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