August 17th, 2002

mutts earl

what i learned

finally i've seen yosemite. well almost. the august haze combined with the smoke of the 'managed' forest fires made for a rather filmy outlook in the valley but i did get the general idea from looking at half dome from all angles.

can i just say:

hiking 9 miles of steep trail at 6000 or so feet your first day up from sea level is a good way to find out at what point your lungs and legs will fail.

besides the euphoria of exhaustion and altitude the best thing about yosemite in the summer is the coyotes that stroll through suburbanite-clogged pathways without a care.

chipmunks are sublime.

middle america still frightens me and i don't understand why anyone would plan a summer vacation to be around vast numbers of it even if the adjacent scenery were spectacular.

conifers make me feel at home.
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mutts earl

where does the time go

it is 3pm and i am still in my pajamas. i think i am just happy to be able to sit here without doing anything or being seen by anyone.

don't get me wrong. i love going places and doing things and seeing people but the way i am made dictates that too much of that gets really wearing and it is about all i have done for the last month.

i love you all but i also love seclusion.
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mutts earl


i keep writing songs in my sleep. either that or in my dreams i am simply singing to myself songs that i have heard while awake. i can't tell because i forget them when i wake up even though while dreaming them i say to myself you are dreaming this and must remember it when you wake up.

doubtless those songs that sound so great in my dreams are utter crap just like those ideas you get while on the edge of sleep which sound so brilliant to your half-awake brain but reveal themselves to be really stupid upon waking fully.

all i know is that the last two songs i dreamed up each had a simple two-note bass part and gave the sleeping me chills. which probably only indicates how ridiculous they really have been but i will never know because i can't remember them in the morning.

the one lyric i haven't lost in the daylight goes "turpentine turpentine turpentine lady." i haven't a clue what it means.
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