August 25th, 2002

mutts earl


my breakfast date had to cancel so now i am sitting here all dressed and caffeinated with nowhere to go. should i go get breakfast by myself? i'm rarely self-conscious about going into a place alone but i'm not sure i want to expend the energy to walk down to where i was thinking we should eat.

see i'm out of cereal so eating breakfast here isn't an option unless i want breakfast to be a clif bar.

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mutts earl

and the spree goes on

happy finds at the cd store:

big black - songs about fucking
jeff mangum live at jittery joe's

i have to stop spending money now. this is getting ridiculous.
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mutts earl


i'm perusing restaurant menus online.

i seem not to have gotten enough to eat today in spite of actually having gone to a restaurant and eaten a big plate of pasta, four pieces of bread, and a bowl of minestrone.

i should do that sort of thing more often although it would get expensive. nothing is much cheaper than my every-other-day burrito: $4.47 inclusive of tip. but sometimes i want something fancier.

apparently i want something fancier before going to bed tonight.
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