September 7th, 2002

mutts earl

news briefs

i met with the inestimably fabulous m, otherwise known as a, yesterday morning for brunch. she had the veggie reuben and i the santa fe scramble for which the waitress asked me how i wanted my eggs and later apologized for confusing me. we sat and talked for two and a half hours which if you know me you understand is quite unprecedented if my interlocutor is not someone i've known for ten years.

it was really swell and i'd do it again and since m aka a is threatening to move here i might just get the chance.

professor j and i talked a little about jewish messianic thought. isn't that something. i'm thinking there might be a way to read it in such a way as to postulate a sort of atheistic theology out of the death of god. levinas has much to say about this and i am trying to read him outside of my pathological southern baptist compulsions. what does it mean to say god if you don't mean anything like a person or an entity.

you know. that sort of thing.

what i'm hoping is that i don't get too distracted from the task at hand which is anticipating and writing about my dissertation. i have to have a plan for it very soon.

i'm going to the baseball game on september 10. i had the foresight not to buy tickets for september 11, when there is going to be much 'memorial' (read: fetishization of trauma) hoopla and all are encouraged to wear red white and blue. i predict i'm going to be really cynical by the end of the week.

i have nothing else to report. oh wait. i read foucault's thoughts on confession this afternoon and am finding myself somewhat bemused by this whole journal phenomenon. i'm wondering if there isn't a certain abandon possible in the gesture of telling all and if it doesn't work to unravel the individual who is constituted precisely by confession.

who knows. must keep typing to see.
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mutts earl

be a star

it may have been overkill to get a firewire camera and card for this but really the only usb cameras available for the mac were just about as expensive.

anyway. my first webcam. will spruce it up as the evening wears on.
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