September 8th, 2002

mutts earl


i'm up and the camera is on. now you can watch the caffeine take effect.

i'm not completely happy with the image quality i'm getting although if i turn my light on it gets better (duh!) but i don't want to sit here in the glare so i'm going to see if other webcam software gives me more to work with.

because it is very important that i do this.
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it's all about me

one way to make something into something is to gather a few things together under a heading.

of these things memoir is old but still in many loose handwritten pieces kept somewhat together. what of it i've put online has been online awhile.

on the other hand the real deal has only fragmentarily seen the light of day before. it actually has chapters. sort of.

rock keeps paper from drifting off. must be boring you to tears by now but i did add four paragraphs last night.

reformating the table took hours by the way.
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