September 12th, 2002


home alone

i just realized i have the house to myself through tomorrow. c is at her sweetheart's house in the east bay tonight and s is in seattle, sadly, to attend her grandfather's funeral.

but so what should we do?? i'm going to see mecca normal at an early show this evening so we could all meet up here around 11 and have a big party.
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mutts earl

private audience

wow. it was like having mecca normal in my living room: a small art gallery space with chairs and only about ten people there.

i don't know if jean would have recognized me from way back if i were still a girl but i'm fairly sure she didn't know who i was as a boy. i could have said something but it is awkward enough to try to get someone to say they remember you without having to out yourself in the process. so i just bought a cd from her and told her the performance was really swell. she thanked me for smiling.

but so now it is this week's saturday night (they occur on different nights each week all depending on when i feel the need to anesthetize) and i am home after the show and it isn't even midnight yet. now what?
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