September 13th, 2002


this is a day off?

things clamoring for my attention:

my laundry.
the recycling.
the dirty dishes.
the dirty kitchen.
the cd rack i bought that i must now try to figure out how to suspend in mid-air under my loft like everything else i own.
the wacom tablet that arrived wednesday.
the boxes my other toys came in that i don't want to throw away till i'm certain that my toys will all function properly but which are impinging what little space i have behind my chair.

the question of where my insurance money is.
the question of why the graduate degrees office has not yet advanced me to candidacy when i turned in the paperwork a month ago.

and the question of why idiots turn on their car alarms on busy commercial streets in broad daylight.
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mutts earl


i love my neighborhood. i just ordered a pizza which will be ready in 15 minutes for me to pick up one block away. across the street is a place that sells cheese-steaks in both turkey and vegetarian varieties. down two blocks the other way is a tiny thai place that makes yummy curries. and of course one block in that direction is the famous taqueria cancun.

these four places are so cheap and delicious that i hardly ever cook for myself. this might explain my high cholesterol though.
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mutts earl


well all the hardware works after all. wacom tablet plugged into a new usb port and webcam plugged into new firewire port and everything is working together nicely. who knew when i bought this thing that it would turn out to be the lego building set of computers?

of course now i am too tired to marshall the effort to learn the version of painter that came with the tablet. i guess that will have to wait till my next day off. tomorrow begins my workweek.

which reminds me. i have to make the bed. everyone knows how one hates having to make the bed before sleeping in it but just imagine me making my bed while kneeling on it because there is precious little room for kneeling elsewhere up there. needless to say my bed tends to be a little wrinkled. but at least the sheets are clean.

the camera will be on till i fall asleep which probably won't be long now. am a little peeved that splunty has scooped my idea of having a black and white webcam. i was going to try it once the novelty of color wore off. dang.
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