September 19th, 2002

mutts earl


i'm hungry but i have no milk and it's hot out and today is a day off and there is baseball on tv tonight and just to prove how dorky i am i just pored over my newly-received membership packet from the national association of railroad passengers. we lobby for federal funds for amtrak, among other things.

meanwhile i'm still wondering where the hell my insurance money is. they're not going to pay are they? they're going to lose the claim and then when i resubmit it they're going to say i filed it too late. i just know it.

the neighbor is playing the butthole surfers. finally a neighbor with taste.
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mutts earl


there. milk and cereal obtained and eaten.

today i think i will suspend that cd rack in midair just to my left. i bought chain and s-hooks and screw eyes and turnbuckles the other day in anticipation of rigging something up.

first i have to scoop the cat litter. it's important that you know this.
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so i get the new 100-cd rack up and braced and trussed and i put my stray cds in it and danged if they don't fill it completely up.

now i'm going to have to figure out where to put another rack.
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well that was not pretty. you know though what is really a pain in the ass is that i often know whether my team is going to win before the game even starts. as soon as the announcers commented on our starting pitcher's losing record i realized the dodgers were going to win and that watching the game would just be a formality.

the dodgers won and watching the game was just a formality.

this is my only gift of prescience and it is of little value and rather takes all the fun out of cheering.
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