September 28th, 2002


name that tune

a c.s. lewis book. not the screwtape letters but something else.

the banality of evil. lucifer and jehovah are the same. heresy. evil is the province only of animal instinct run amok.

worn but expensive shoes. what is it like to have to shave at 18.

this man won't get out of the doorway even though there is a space for him right over there.

if i sit on a particular side i run less risk of head injury in the event of a major earthquake. likewise if i sing ashes to ashes while underwater we will make it to the other side unscathed.

sometimes i sing something different just to try the fates.

how much can you pile on one handtruck. a livelihood apparently.

a quick repair in the space of a quarter-mile. he made it. every destination is important.

don't just stand at the top of the escalator. at the other end she yelled at no one and everyone looked uncomfortable but she did not notice at all.

one thing i have learned is that racing bikes and mountain bikes have different gear ratios. i am not sure why i study them but i do.

do my hips look like hers or his or something in between. that man's pants are very flat.

marvelous how well-aligned the new stickers are. most of them. i've been in this car twice this week i can tell because i recognize the wrinkle.

always the same guy asking for eighty-five cents. how does he get in without a ticket. charity interrupted by timidity. i knew someone once who was unbelieveably rude.

what will be the fate of that section of the paper. will it know the difference. i have been coming here for six years and still i feel the dislocation.

now i can go anywhere. this was all it took.

i finally figured out the smell was from a yeast factory which is funny because she had told me long ago that it smelled like yeast.

not at rush hour. for many reasons not the least of which is a chair.

the same shirt three days in a row. whether he realizes it or not we compete for the place at the front. i don't know why i do it.

there is a way to avoid fumbling i would like to tell them all but not everyone can be efficient. walk when going down but stand still when going up. it is the only logical thing.

dimes often don't work at first but if you follow them with a nickel they'll pass on through. why is it so difficult. it helps if you crease it just so.

sneak a peek at their shoes. and other parts.

why would you throw french fries all over instead of eating them.