October 10th, 2002



i will never forget my friend david saying 'this song has made me cry' while we sat in the pickup drinking bud and listening to led zeppelin.

this was back before i had any clue that friends could actually love you and give you a place in which to rest. see had i known this i could have understood the resonance between us a little better. and noticed it more. and done something with it.

i wish i knew where david was now.
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    led zeppelin - achilles' last stand


i want to go outside.

the heat has broken and it is now chilly and grey which delights me no end.

the problem is that the kitchen still needs cleaning. and baseball comes on at 5 so i don't have lots of time in which both to clean the kitchen and go outside. see going outside takes lots of time because i always want to leave my neighborhood which entails either a lengthy walk or a lengthy wait for a bus or two.

i'm thinking that if i take out the garbage and the recycling my housemates won't get too worked up about the cat hair tumbleweeds rolling across the floor.

maybe i should sweep too.
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lost youth

i went outside and it was drizzling and i thought about going back in but then realized that no seattle boy worth his salt would let such a paltry amount of precipitation keep him inside.

so i walked three miles to the used cd store and three miles back. here is what i bought and isn't it funny how we never dreamed that one day buying some of these titles would make us feel old.

omd - dazzle ships. this one has 'of all the things we've made' which is the main reason i bought it. the further along you get with omd the more insipid they become but this album is tolerable.

laurie anderson - big science. because i have it on vinyl but have no turntable and i miss o superman.

theatre of hate - westworld. same vinyl problem.

cabaret voltaire - code. haven't played it yet so am not sure this is the one i think it is. no matter. it was cheap.

shannonwright - dyed in the wool. have i said lately how everyone should go out and get a shannon wright cd?

loudermilk - the red record. bought entirely on the premise that if auditorium likes them i stand a fair chance of liking them too.
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    laurie anderson - big science. yodelayheehoo.