October 12th, 2002


seeing it through

i don't know if the urge to arrest time can be reconciled with the urge to move on and to repeat this sometime in the future along with or in succession with a million other things you'd like to repeat.

if i could do it all i'd do just this one thing over and over only differently each time so as not to miss anything.

repetition compulsion crossed with extreme restlessness. if i could i'd ride from this end to the other again and again forever.
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    omd - romance of the telescope


i really didn't want to get up but had to to get ready to go to my friend ray's house where we will annoy his housemates by yelling at the tv everytime the giants do something stupid.

he told me i could bring beer over if i wanted any but i think instead i'm going to bring a latte. espresso and baseball.
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