October 19th, 2002



as an experiment i got up at 8:45 this morning after some idiot honking his horn out on the street awakened me at 8:30. i could have gone back to sleep but i could see it was going to take awhile and i figured if i just got out of bed i would at least not have to put up with those i'm-awake-oh-no-i'm-not dreams that always plague me in the late morning hours.

whether my psyche needs those dreams in order to function we will find out presently.

today is a work day which is why i am trying this at all. if i had done the usual thing and slept till noon i would only have had four hours in which to wake up and do email and eat breakfast and then work before the first game of the world series started. now i have time.
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the experiment is meeting with mixed success: i was able to write a bit on what i read yesterday but now that i've finished i don't remember a thing i said.

one might say this does not matter as my fleeting thoughts have been captured but i am still sensitive to the Platonic command not to allow one's memory to languish by relying on external information storage and retrieval. ok he didn't word it just like that but at the time "writing" was state of the art technology.

will try reading now although if short term memory is still asleep this could be a wash.

my housemate is using the livingroom for tv viewing so i'm going to read in here. if it isn't 4:30 PDT yet, you can watch me.
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mutts earl

left turn

you know spending as much time in seattle as i do i never know where to tell people that i am from. on average i guess i'm from eugene even though i've only been there a couple of times.

then again 23 years in the deep south has probably skewed things towards arkansas.

i suppose it is no wonder i am champion of the restless ethic.

that's going to be the name of my dissertation. the restless ethic. late capitalism will be thrilled until they read it.
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mutts earl

meet me at the corner

i've decided to be my own channel. from now on if i am appearing in the camera you might have some luck tracking me down on efnet in #eriktrips.

yeah i couldn't think of a more original name.

i'm just doing this to be more difficult than aim or yahoo messenger.
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