October 20th, 2002

mutts earl


it occurs to me that i have the room of my dreams. not literally. in my dreams my room is disturbingly like my childhood room and filled with things i left in my haste to get out and still need to box up and send to myself.

what i have is the room of my daydreams. which is a little odd since really the room of my daydreams is about fifteen times bigger than this one and has a view of the olympic mountains.

which reminds me i need to make up a will specifying that you are to bury me in the rain forest.

but in my alternate dream, the one in which rather than living spread out in a 15-foot ceilinged warehouse i live in a capsule in hong kong, this is the room i would have. my books all within arm's reach. music within arm's reach. speakers suspended at ear level for optimum effect. computer at the center of it all and bed conveniently located just a few steps over my head ready to receive me at the slightest sign of fatigue.

i can sit in here happily for hours in a space about 8 feet square and 10 feet high. if i could bring in a refrigerator and microwave i would only have to leave for groceries and to pee.

see there are two places i want to be. this tiny little space or on the road.

i'm telling you i have rv culture written all over my retirement years.
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