November 9th, 2002


too much coffee

and i'm paralyzed by the possibilities:

1 go for a long walk.
2 try shopping again.
3 install endnote and see how it works and if it will work with nisus writer or whether i will have to bite it and buy ms word.
4 buy ms word before they stop selling the MacOS 9x version.
5 fire up macromedia studio and see if i can figure out a faster way to update my website. this coding by hand in bbedit is gratifying in an anal way but surely there are ways around having to type the same tags over and over and over and having to laboriously count pixels in complex table layouts.
6 back up main hard drive and reinstall system software again to see if i can eliminate slownesses and crashes. i think my installations of unsupported hardware have taken their toll but if i spent the next ten years tweaking maybe everything would work ok.
7 go down to amtrak office and print out my tickets.
8 clean kitchen. nah.
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endnote plug

oh what a nifty program. enter bibliographic information once and it will use that to create custom bibliographies in any one of over 650 citation styles. suddenly i have the urge to stay up late entering all the books on my reading lists and all the articles i've read this semester.

this is very exciting.

i know all your inner librarians are hopping up and down.
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