November 13th, 2002


getting the worm

look at me! i've been up since 7:45!

the special occasion is that i am going in to school with c in a few minutes and then i have six sections of Deleuze to read before 3:30.

i'm hoping the coffee hits before we get there.

this will be my last day of work until november 25 or so. unless i bring some Zane Grey with me.

tomorrow i have about a million things to do before getting on the train.

my god it's early.
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    the smiths - everyday is like sunday


ok. either i am completely getting it and they aren't or they are completely getting and i'm not or we are all getting it perfectly or none of us are getting it at all.

the thing is it is impossible to tell. discussing Deleuze is a sure way to convince oneself of the incommensurability of individual vocabularies. i'm thinking that for the next meeting each of us should draw a picture of what we think he is saying. that might shed some light.
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