December 1st, 2002



fifteen hours in bed. fifteen! and i had to forcably cut myself off at 1pm. no you can't go back to sleep. get up!

no wonder i can't work a 40 hour a week job. when would i sleep?

today was supposed to be a work day and could still be i suppose except that i would like to go for my walk before it is dark and that does not leave me with much time. as is separating breakfast from dinner will be a challenge.

when one sleeps fifteen hours one dreams many things. i dreamed of car wrecks and blood draws and extra-dimensional travel. i dreamed that i turned left out of the qfc parking lot and was instantly lost. i dreamed about food and burning microwave ovens. i dreamed of trying to climb up on a trestle when a train came and we had to climb quickly back down. it was the only way we could get to where we were going so the whole thing was very frustrating.

but so right now i have to concentrate on drinking all my coffee before my afternoon cutoff time which will keep me from not being able to sleep tonight. we wouldn't want that!
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i'm tired.

i've been up for six hours and twenty-one minutes and i'm tired.

i'm hoping the vaguely sore throat has something to do with this. not that i particularly want to be sick and tired but if i were tired and not sick, well, i'd just feel slightly ridiculous.

i'm thinking i might go to bed in about two hours. let us all worship at the altar of sleep.
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