December 2nd, 2002



last night's tally was fourteen hours, the last six of which were interrupted by coughing and throat pain.

i officially have The Cold That's Going Around.

annoying. i get annoyed when sick unless i have a fever in which case i get depressed. see i have things to do this week that require thinking and when i am congested it is hard to think. i'm not sure how that works but that's the way it works.

i wonder if one more day off -- along with a little zinc -- would kick this thing in the ass so it would leave me alone.
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water wait

as a treat for the sick me i bought a half gallon of odwalla tangerine juice. very very tasty.

the one problem is that i am all loaded on vitamin c and am now waiting for my kidneys to process it all so i can go to bed without having to get up to pee just as i'm falling asleep. i hate that. there you are all relaxed but you know that if you don't get up before you fall asleep you will end up having public restroom nightmares. you know the ones where all the toilets are clogged or there are rows upon rows of toilets without stalls all in one big room and people are sitting and chatting and you are mortified.

lately my nighttime public restrooms have had stall doors on only the upper half of the stall so no one can see your face but all can see your privates. i have some idea of just which anxieties this one stems from.

ok i'm too tired to stay up. in the morning i will relate the condition of the facilities i visited in the night.
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