December 3rd, 2002


restroom dreams

so last night's toilet was a one-seater but it was also non-functional. when i opened the lid and the whole thing fell off the drain pipe at the bottom i knew i was still asleep. so i relaxed and my body slowly spun head over heels until it swam up into my real bed and i awoke to the pleasant realization that our toilet always works.

today i seem only to have a cough. the sore throat has relented and i have yet to suffer nasal congestion. somewhere online just a few days ago i read that if you have cold symptoms above the neck and are feeling your normal energy level then you are probably ok to engage in your regular exercise, whereas if you have symptoms below the neck and/or have a fever and/or feel fatigued you should remain quiet. since this cough seems to be originating from congested lungs rather than scratchy throat i guess this means no five mile walk for me today. i took my walk on sunday somewhat unsure if a sore throat could be classified as above or below the neck and i felt like doo-doo afterwards.

i must think today though. the application for the big honkin fellowship that i have my heart set on is due friday evening and i need to rework my statement. i think. at the very least i need to come up with a cv which will be a bit slim since i have published nothing yet.

i don't want to do it. they should just give me money. can't they see i'm worth it?
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nothing doing

there is nothing like spending hours to take down the bare essentials of one's career to make one feel that not only has one not accomplished anything ever but that one has certainly not accomplished anything today given the amount of time it took to gather enough information for barely two pages.

it wouldn't have taken quite so long had my computer not crashed twice when i had not been steadfast in saving.

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is it bedtime yet?

i guess i don't have to be running a fever to get depressed over a cold. having no energy for three days running is a bit of a downer.

that and seeing the big hole in my cv from 1997 to the present. tired though i may be of my psychiatric narrative it looks like i will have to employ it once again.

'yes sometimes i can do no work. yes i'm functioning quite well this year. no i can't guarantee that i will be functioning this well next year. give me money.'
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