December 10th, 2002

mutts earl

already on vacation

man i wish i didn't have my reading group tomorrow. i've pretty much bagged the schoolwork until i have returned as i can't think about anything else but what routes to take and how to pitch the tent and what layers to wear and what weather to be prepared for.

because it is too early to pack (and because i haven't done pre-trip laundry yet) i have this urge to meticulously list every little thing i am taking. the list would start with "tent" and end with "toothbrush" or "batteries" or "hat." oh that reminds me. my little travel tube of toothpaste is almost out.

see? this is what such a thing would accomplish. i would be assured of forgetting nothing and i could think how i wanted to organize it all so as to keep it neat. because it is very very important to keep it neat.
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mutts earl


it occurs to me i could call in sick tomorrow. of course one isn't supposed to announce what one is doing publically but really what do i care.

i haven't called in "sick" for a long time. i mean sometimes i don't go to class but since high school no one asks you why you weren't there and indeed they even expect you to miss once in a while. and the thing about school is that i like it so much i don't feel i have to take a day off every other week.

with jobs it was a little different. we all remember that. there always came a point where i could face neither going in nor calling in so i would just not go and not call and this was how i tried to quit many jobs but they always wanted me back for some reason.

in contrast i usually make it to school. even when i am only barely functioning i make it to school.

i ::heart:: school.
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the prozac was supposed to treat this

i'm getting out of hand.

see the list will be ordered according to how i will pack things. thus i not only will have a comprehensive account of all i need but i will know exactly where to put each thing according to its order and frequency of use.

for instance since it might be raining sunday night i will put my rain gear in the top of my backpack so it can be the very first thing i take out.

there will be a bag of groceries so i don't need to arrange food really so long as it is all in one place.

i'm taking one change of city clothes and two changes of camping clothes. i'm not sure how to order these as i will be camping and then staying in a hotel and then camping and then staying in a hotel and then camping and then staying in a hotel. so really i need a city bag and a camping bag. that won't work however as i am taking two bags but one is for clothes and one is for hiking so i can't really segregate the clothes.

the problem you see is that i will have a rental car in which to strew my stuff willy-nilly but if i do that i will have a mess to clean up once i get home and it will be hard enough to find parking much less to haul all my garbage back into the house. so if i keep everything under control from the beginning coming home won't be so painful.

again it strikes me that if i could put my room on wheels i'd be happy.
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