December 11th, 2002


living dangerously

is it bad luck to pitch a tent indoors?

it just seems so similar to an umbrella in form and function that it's got me a little worried.

see i want to do a practice pitch so when i am out in the desert with the cold wind whipping around me i won't be figuring things out for the first time. and the only space big enough for the tent is our kitchen.

yeah the kitchen is the biggest room in our house. not sure whose idea that was.
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mutts earl


of course. why didn't i think of it before.

one cold morning in death valley i tried in vain to get the water to boil for coffee. i finally gave up and drove the 30 miles to the closest gas station where i got that morning's first cup.

the solution? chocolate covered espresso beans! one could dispense with the coffee-making apparatus altogether.

i suppose even a bottle of no-doze would do the trick but it wouldn't taste as good.
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