December 26th, 2002



no i'm ok. it's the berkeley network that appears to be down. i hope someone is working on it.

not that i have any emails just burning to go out or that i'm expecting any just burning to be read but i always feel a little out of control and cut off when berkeley crashes. of course i can still use yahoo and of course i can still post here and of course i can still use my isp so really i am not that dependent on berkeley but i have this weird relationship with my email account there wherein i feel like it is part of me. when catdoc@uclink is not working then i don't feel fully functional.

someone could make theoretical hay with this sentiment but i've only had one cup of coffee so it won't be me at least not just yet.
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berkeley is back up. the spammers are back to work.

do they really think that any message with 'penis' or 'ink jet cartridges' in the subject line will actually be opened before being trashed?
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the universal and the particular

that was very interesting. a little more involved than the compulsive tail-chasing i was doing the other night but it did get me to thinking about the opposition between the romantic and the rational and wondering if there isn't another way to figure it. (link courtesy annie_r and i was just going to respond to her comment on the respond to comment page but i can see already that this is going to be a bit unwieldy for anyone's inbox.)

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mutts earl


i am alone in the house until monday. c is at the mla in new york and s is still in seattle and i have come back to tend the plants and animals in my turn.

but so what shall i do? play music really really loud? throw a party? turn on all the lights and leave the faucets running? not do my dishes?

really the thing i am most excited about is having the livingroom to myself on saturday and sunday. i must get back to work and i hate reading in my room when someone else is watching tv out there but i don't feel i have the right to request that the tv be turned off.

otherwise what. oh i can sing to myself. if you read my travelogue you know that my voice is shifting in exciting new ways. i don't think i can hit all the notes in wuthering heights yet but i could at least try without embarrassment. or without much embarrassment. there's still the neighbors.
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