December 30th, 2002


how stupid do they think i am dept.

this is the funniest spam i've gotten in awhile:

Dear Recipient,

It has come to our attention that some of the recipients of our online offers did not opt-in to receive that information. To rectify the situation we need to cross reference our databases in order to remove you completely.

If you do not want to receive promotional email daily, please enter as much information as you can in the removal form below so that we can identify your file and permanently delete it. Please note that incomplete information may result in improper removal, and your inclusion of our online offers.

Thank you for your cooperation, and we apologize for any inconvenience our mailings have caused.

Global Marketshare Research
STEP 1 ÊEnter As Much information As you can Below

[garbled html form asking for name, address, phone, age and gender]

STEP 2 ÊClick the send button below to Place Yourself Into the Remove Qeue
Please enter accurate info above, or we may not be able to identify your file for removal.

Global Marketshare Research is a global marketing firm and sells direct marketing information to thousands of firms globally. You are receiving this message as a subscriber of the GMR Network or Partners. We take Privacy Very seriously, and have IP address and timestamp on file for every subscriber. If there is doubt that you actually subscribed, Please pay attention to the privacy policies of the sites you frequent. To be removed from future mailings please fill out the form aboveÊ
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cash poor

i just charged entirely too many cds. i have to stop this nonsense.

i told myself it was my birthday present which means no more birthday presents on the actual birthday. but i want shoes!

the goods:

the microphones - the glow pt 2 (a k records band i'd never heard of until i downloaded "the moon" last night and really liked it. so far the cd is a little quieter than i anticipated but it reminds me of neutral milk hotel on codiene.)

love battery - dayglo (it was there. i remembered liking a song on it. it was cheap.)

tom waits - alice & blood money (i hear they are both good. i couldn't choose.)

built to spill - keep it like a secret (see lisagail? i do pay attention to what you say.)

klaus nomi - eclipsed (because i tragically left my only klaus nomi cd in the rental car stereo. this is not the same album but has many of the same songs.)

david bowie - lodger (this and station to station are the two i lust for the most after low and scary monsters which i already have.)

wilco - yankee hotel foxtrot (listened to a couple of clips online and seemed like a good risk. will report back.)
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virtual new year

well i have no plans for tomorrow night. there will be fireworks at midnight in a place i could probably see from the park up the street but by that time chances are i will be warm in my pajamas and in no mood to go outside.

so i'm thinking that tomorrow night i will hang out online and specifically on efnet in #eriktrips which i hardly ever do because after deciding it would be my channel i realized that i don't feel like talking to anyone many nights of the week so i don't go there very often. also i guess i'll fire up AIM where surprisingly enough i also go by eriktrips.

anyone else who is either old or a loser should stop by. there will be much groggy staring into space.