January 4th, 2003


saturday morning digest

but i don't want to do any work.

or more specifically i do not want to work on my syllabus. maybe today i will read more Ward Churchill and enter a few dozen titles into my Endnote master bibliography. and then work on the syllabus tomorrow.

can i do that?

maybe i will take a shower and think about it. not that i ever think in the shower. i sing in the shower. i sing the same song every time i shower because not only is it within my puny range but it is a long song and usually lasts just about as long as my shower so i don't have to think of anything else to sing.

what i am not sure i understand is why i have to sing in the shower. i do have to, much as i have to have something to read if i am spending time on the toilet. the two i think are similar in that they are driven by the need to distract oneself from the exigencies of bodily care.

it's possible that you did not want to know any of this. too late!
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