January 6th, 2003


early to rise

i've been up since fucking 7.30. (i was going to write i've been fucking up since 7.30. but that's not really the case)

the downstairs restaurant people were talking loudly in falsettos at 7.30 until housemate c leaned her head out her window and shouted shut up! they shut up. thanks housemate c.

but then i couldn't go back to sleep. well i have things to do today so it's just as well i get started before noon for a change.

1. semi-finalize syllabus
2. determine which nietzsche we are going to read
3. buy foucault volume and pick out reading from that
4. go to therapy and complain about voices
5. take long walk

this i think will fill the day. i might play a little solitaire first..
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