January 8th, 2003


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in a bizarre twist, i woke up at 6.45 and could not go back to sleep. yesterday i had to drag myself out of bed after 12 hours; this morning i hop out after 7-1/2.

it remains to be seen whether i will be able to function but so far mild grogginess is the only side effect of getting up so early.

i was going in to school this morning anyway so i only lost an hour. must try to catch the graduate financial aid office at a time when they are actually open which apparently happens every third thursday as long as it is a full moon. last week i went and the door was closed and locked and there was a sign saying they were closed, a sign listing hours according to which they should have been open, and no hint as to what these alternate hours they were keeping might be. so who knows.

i need money dammit.

first though i need more coffee.
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well it seems i woke up early because flippy was telepathically letting me know that he was not well. c was staying with her girlfriend last night so this morning it was up to me to figure out why her cat was crying and crouching all weird.

it didn't take long to figure out, actually. the first thing i did was feel his bladder and it was full and hard and he gave a yowl but produced no pee. i called the vet. we went in.

the doctor said 'good call' and said he'd have to be catheterized and spend the night and all that stuff that little blocked cats have to go through.

i left messages for c and went on to school and she came home and visited him at the vet's and he is ok if somewhat uncomfortable with his catheter and e-collar and now the vet thinks i am a star roommate. i didn't tell them about the pathological responsibility i feel for all cats.

so anyway i did all this before 10am. it was an eventful morning.
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