January 10th, 2003

mutts earl

in need of a plan

goodness me! answering all the birthday greetings has kept me busy this morning!

i don't feel any older. this is not to say that i don't feel old.

i've decided to take the day off. yes i was considering doing work today but realized that would just be dumb. so instead i'm going to.. well i don't know. there is room on my credit cards still so i could go shopping.

or i could sit here and learn excel. yes i would consider that a leisure activity. i'm a geek.

i could continue updating my website and figure out how best to present the photographs that i can now upload because i have so much space with aplus webhosting.

i could read a nonacademic book. is there such a thing? one of the prime symptoms of graduate studenthood is that everything you read becomes relevant to your project. i haven't finished that book of vintage peanuts strips yet though and i don't think i could construe a postmodern ethics from that.

in any case i think i am going to drink coffee all day. nothing says celebration like a 12 hour caffeine jag.
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cat update

in other news, flippy's bladder is empty this morning. he doesn't know how lucky he is that i live here. all he can tell is that i grope him twice a day for no apparent reason. otherwise the vet said they would feel his bladder free of charge if we were worried at any point but that would entail the trauma of cat carrier and walk or car ride through the mission and that's no fun.

he has to eat canned food now which means we have to give jackson canned food too as our cats have no discipline when it comes to staying at their own food bowls. i don't mind this too much but jackson being not at all a normal cat seems to prefer dry to canned. so i slip him a bowl of dry while i'm here to police who eats it.

anyway flippy's on prednisone for inflammation and clavamox (amoxicillin derivative) for possible bacterial infection. they didn't put him on c/d which seems strange to me since apparently he did too have crystals (but not big stones) but the doc says that these days just about all premium canned foods are geared towards urinary tract health.

well we're going to feed him canned c/d anyway because that is what jackson eats dry and i don't feel like taking any chances.
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