February 14th, 2003



upon getting off of BART i took a look at my reflection in the train window and saw that i must have made the whole ride with my hair sticking straight up:

i think it may be time for a haircut.
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nancy fight

and in the real world

i am so mad at the Bush administration i could just spit.

nothing new. after teaching today i attempted to decompress by perusing thenation.com and salon.com and ended up getting myself all wound up.

unfortunately i am not feeling too articulate about the outrageous way in which Bush has made it clear that it is indeed our (??) aim to rule the world. is this what happens when you have a president who probably can't even spell postcolonialism? where the hell was he for the twentieth century??


am really glad there is a protest on sunday. about all i can constructively do at the moment is add my body to the mass.
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mutts earl


i was going to post some of my lecture notes but upon reading them i realize that those lectures that i have actually written out are mind-numbingly dull.

the presentations i would like you all to see would be the ones where i clutch my half-articulated notes and scribble diagrams and big words on the board and then twirl around several times while trying to explain them. unfortunately the twirling does not translate well into text.

i am beginning to see which form of lecture i should rely on. i mean i don't know if the gesticulating at the board does my students any good but it is at least much more fun for me.

by contrast, with today's carefully planned lecture i almost put myself to sleep.
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mutts earl


i have kicked off the three-day weekend with a double espresso in case you can't tell. i don't think i've ever looked forward to president's day quite this much: not only does the beer moratorium end tonight (yay!) but i'm going to see interpol at the fillmore tomorrow night (double yay!) and then on sunday i get to vent my frustration with our current regime (curses but in a way yay.).

i don't have to teach again until next wednesday (triple yay!!). not that i hate teaching so much but it does stress me out and i hate that part of it.

tonight i don't know what to do besides watch america's funniest home videos which is what i do every friday night. yeah i'm a loser.
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