February 16th, 2003



i haven't cried in about four years. i don't know if it is the testosterone or the prozac but the weird thing is that i don't cry but i now get chills far more often than i ever did before and for the most ridiculous things like seeing barry bonds hit his 600th homerun. is this what men do? get all goose-pimply but never weep?

the band last night gave me chills but only for one song and the whole set was over far too quickly and i don't know if it is because i am old or what but events never last long enough anymore.

that said. i did get chills. tonight though i am all excited like i was hoping to be last night but that might have something to do with the beer on board which last night i did not have time or really space to get it on board. that is when you are alone and the crowd is thick there comes a point where you can't leave your spot in front of the stage to get another drink so i stayed put for about an hour and a half when really i could have used just one more beer.

but i had to get a good look at them. because when i go to a show it is to see more than to hear although the sound was good. for them. for the first two bands it sucked probably because the soundman had all the knobs set for the headliners and he didn't want to move them and then have to remember where they were. that of course is what masking tape is for but maybe that would in itself have been too much effort.

i got my look and they are as young as i thought. i like that. so many of us getting old that it is good there are some young.

i decided that i may devote the rest of my life to writing pop songs. i wonder if you can get a grant for pop song writing.

(that i might write pop songs is hilarious. we all saw what happened last time i tried to do that.)
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