February 17th, 2003



jägermeister enhances sociability. we knew this already. but specifically it causes me to hesitate less when i think of something i might want to say.

jägermeister exhibits an oddly relaxing stimulant effect within the first ten minutes of imbibing. the stimulant effect peaks within half an hour and then subsides until you are very relaxed and kind of sleepy and kind of wanting another shot of jägermeister. subsequent shots result in a repetition of the stimulation/relaxation cycle. in this way jägermeister resembles coffee except that it leaves you drunk instead of spaced out.

drinking jägermeister increases the chances that you will steal some of your housemate's food at 3am.

jägermeister hangovers are just like any other hangover in that grease and protein are very appealing but actually getting out of the house to get yourself some is a very slow and painstaking process. in fact simple decisions such as "pizza or hot turkey sandwich" become inordinately complicated.
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