February 25th, 2003

mutts earl


ok if i take today off i must do laundry. and i have to clean. housemate s left a note this morning requesting housekeeping from c and me so i guess the empty cardboard boxes piling up by the head of the stairs are beginning to get on her nerves.

so if i took today "off" this would mean cleaning this am, doing laundry once the cleaning was done, and then songwriting or dreamweaver learning once the laundry was done. in essence it wouldn't really be a day completely off but it would be a day not to worry about school.

but see the note gives me a good excuse not to do schoolwork. "i must clean or the housemates will revolt!" this seems as good a reason as any.

and i really would like to have clean favorite socks. last night i dreamt i found a hidden store of clean favorite socks. i wonder what the latent content of that dream image is. it's such a banal wish-fulfillment that one would hope for more substance.

and if i clean this morning i can put on loud music and drink lots of coffee. the only way to clean.

let's go clean.
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