February 28th, 2003


up at night

just wanted to point out that i got up before 7.

jackson exfoliating my forehead every time the snooze alarm went off was a great help in getting me out of bed.
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the geek factor in here is soaring to heights that i almost can't stand myself. anyone looking in on me will see my laptop open on the little keyboard drawer and the keyboard for the desktop above that on a stack of paper in front of the desktop monitor which is of course on.

so i have two keyboards and two screens arranged terrace-fashion in front of me. i can install software on one computer while downloading software on the other. scanning one drive for viruses? surf the web on the other one!

i may not come out of my room for a week. or more.

it has become clear to me that i'm going to have to learn unix because i can't stand the thought that my OS is doing something i don't know about. i know that OS 9 does things i don't know about but the basic structure of the system folder is at least not much of a mystery. i feel fairly confident about moving things around in it and i am even confident that if i fuck something up i can fix it.

not so sure about the OS X system folder. i haven't taken a good look at it yet but just seeing the weird names for extensions in the system profiler made me feel terribly inadequate.

and i wish also to register my utter sorrow at the demise of the customizable apple menu. i am really upset! i use the apple menu to get at almost everything. it is home to a million aliases. now where will i put them? i know drag thing will help but what i like about the apple menu is it disappears when you aren't using it.

otherwise OS X seems servicable so far. i'm glad that sherlock doesn't launch when all you want to do is find a file.

ok this couldn't possible get any more boring. but i'm in heaven you know.
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