March 13th, 2003

mutts earl

i knew it

i forgot my clock.

this won't really matter until i get back on the train and want to wake up the next morning in sacramento at the latest. i can try to make a conscious memo to open my eyes at dawn and check the time but really if i had less of a social phobia i would just ask the sleeping car attendant to please wake me up at the desired hour. or destination. i really don't care what time it is but i need the distance from sacramento to san francisco to wake up and have coffee and get dressed and pack up my stuff.

but of course the idea of asking a stranger to wake me up is terrifying.

how would you like to live in a place called sacramento. i suppose san francisco should be just as triggering but since i was brought up southern baptist and not catholic the pantheon of saints means nothing to me. in fact i find them appealing precisely because they introduce a slate of demigods with whom one can converse. in matters of government and spiritual decree it is almost always preferable to talk to a group than to a single high despot.

hi i'm in seattle now. will try to round you all up presently.
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