March 26th, 2003


fading out

am annoyingly fuzzy-brained this morning. confused myself by dreaming about writing my prospectus and thinking i had to redo all that i have so far because i had forgotten to say "frontier" for all 8 pages but when i look at the real thing i see "frontier" in the second paragraph and repeated several times throughout.

the fuzz though is threatening not to allow me to write much today. i am well-caffeinated and i got lots of sleep last night. the only thing i can think of is that i was a day late on my shot which i gave myself late yesterday afternoon and that the lag means i am running on empty right this minute. which might mean that i get a burst of energy around 9pm tonight.

so. i could read today instead of write. i must do something. what i really want to do is to go back to bed.
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stupid day

well i tried going back to bed but it didn't work. i seem to be responding enough to the caffeine to make it impossible to sleep but not quite enough actually to be awake.

i'm thinking shower then see if reading is too much for my encobwebbed brain then go looking for that greentrials cd i can't seem to find anywhere.

it may be that today is a give-up-and-wait-for-tomorrow day.
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just a small hole. nothing to worry about.

tired. this will change.
didn't get one of the fellowships. maybe this will change next year.
block grant fellowship committee wants evidence of my progress. this i can put together but right now i'm tired and thinking about it makes me want to crawl into bed.
application for summer job is waiting for me to fill it out. this also makes me tired.

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