March 27th, 2003


i've fallen and i can't shut up

the prospectus is 12 pages (in courier font. 9 in times) and only needs to be 15 but i've hardly begun outlining chapters, of which i envision 6 plus an introduction. am i taking on too much? probably.

when it is finished i will post it or a link to it depending on whether i want to burden livejournal's server with it. i'm sure it will cause you all much hilarity.

i want to be finished. this isn't quite as bad as writing my exams but there might actually be $7000 plus tuition and fees riding on its being done sometime next week.

i think though that it is about time to stop for today. i didn't even get to the part i thought of as i was falling asleep last night.
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the cure

i seem to think i deserve a beer.

because today i

spat out a goodly portion of my prospectus

filled out and emailed back the application for an ethnic studies/writing tutoring job this summer

and emailed a committee member with whom i'd been so out of touch she wasn't sure she was on my committee anymore.

this much sociability sends me straight to the bottle.

before i decide on that though i have to make up my mind between pizza and burrito. i've had a burrito every day since i got back. this is not that unusual but i haven't made a single one myself. although i go to Taqueria Can Cun several times a week i don't know that i'd ever been five days in a row before.
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