April 5th, 2003


bad housemate

while pouring my coffee i brightly said to c how i wasn't sure how to act today since i didn't have to do any work. "you can do my work," she grumbled.

mutts earl


i have a new toy and it is playing Laura Branigan's "Gloria" at the moment which is making me unreasonably happy.

portable cd/mp3 player. probably i shouldn't have spent the money but for now let's just not worry about how the rent will be paid in august.
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mutts earl

a worthy task

now i have to go and rerip a number of my cds into mp3s as the last few i did on my desktop feature annoying pops and crackles which i imagine has something to do with unsynched sample rates or buffers or something but i don't feel like figuring out how to fix it when the laptop rips mp3s flawlessly.

so this means that in addition to learning dreamweaver and fireworks and unix and javascript and xhtml and in addition to writing songs and building bookshelves and in addition to writing my dissertation i need to go methodically through my music collection to extract all my favorite tracks. oh and i should probably clean the kitchen sometime soon.

i wonder if i will get all this done before i die.
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    New Order - Ceremony